Learning to read: Springboard for Children

Thanks for sharing our work Lauren.

Stolen Stories

Caleb and I snuggled up onto his bed, under his power rangers duvet, and began reading Beast Quest. Both of us quickly fell into the world of dragons, wizards and adventure. It took a while, but eventually, Caleb decided he was happy to read every other page. There were a few big words in there, but we spelt them out together, and I explained the meanings to him. Our mum walked by the door and told us off for reading without her – she didn’t want to miss any of the story.

Of course, this was before my mum and I were obliged to keep reading the Beast Quest books even though the plot of each is essentially the same.

What is your story with reading? Did your parents get you started? Or did you just do it at school? Do you use your reading skills now?

I’m going to…

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